Thursday, October 27, 2011

October is my favorite, part 1

I love the month of October. I've made a conscious effort to document what I've done this month because, really, September just slipped through so fast and at the end of it, I looked back and was all, what happened?!

I've been posting a photo a day for October on FB and a good friend reminded me that I should probably post these somewhere else- you know like my blog I started a long time ago before I had a website consuming my life 14 hours a day.

In reviewing my phone from Sept. 30-Oct. 28 I notice I've been taking lots more photos and a number that weren't the photo of the day, but were great photos. So without further discussion, here are some of my favorite photos from the month, part 1. 

Sept. 30: Starbucks brings back the Pumpkin Spice Latte. I can't remember from fall to fall whether I like this drink. I buy one. Turns out I don't like it. 

Sept. 30: Time for the family to grab dinner before heading to watch Logan's soccer team play at University of Missouri St. Louis.

Alex played with his girlfriend Zoe's band. So after Logan's game finished, we headed south to watch them play.

Things to love about October Day 1: Fall Leaves

Things to love about October Day 2: Pumpkin Patches!

Things to love about October Day 3: Driving windows down, wind in my hair. 

Things to love about October Day 4: Apples

Also day 4: I'm at St. Louis Bread Co. and see someone who could be my old neighbor... is it? maybe? I take a sneaky photo and send it to Shannon.

Things to love about October Day 5: Post Season Baseball. Cardinals vs Phillies game! Yay. Also, Occupy Wallstreet in Kiener plaza.

 Best friend Laura who got me the tickets plus Bryan.

Things to love about October Day 6: Warm nights under a big moon.

 Things to love about October Day 7: The gearing up of election season.

Day 7: I am now covering sports for work in addition to news.

Day 7: I get to live blog the Sarah Palin/Glenn Beck event in St. Charles. How did I do at fair and balanced reporting? Let me know!

Things to love about October day 8: Walking to the grocery store!

Things to love about October Day 8: House projects on a warm day with a friendly foreman.

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