Friday, December 30, 2011

Merry Christmas, Here's to 2012!

Merry Christmas, friends. We had a lovely Christmas. Perhaps my favorite one yet :)

This week, I've been thinking about this year and the year to come. I'm struck by how fast 2011 went.

One whole year in this new job and I feel good and ready to take on 2012. While 2011 was about adapting to ever-changing norms, I think 2012 will be about me making this work for me.

I'm proud of what we've accomplished and ready for a new year. 

One benefit to this job is that I'm always equipped with a camera, or at least an iPhone. I captured more "moments" in the every day this year than ever before.

While I didn't do much (any) scrapbooking, I'm so glad to be able to do something with all those images I took, all those moments of recording people secretly :) This feels like our year. And I do enjoy Kenny Loggins. Hope you do too.

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