Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Crafting

Last year was THE year for Christmas crafting.

I started in mid November. I remember it was that early because I bought Christmas fabric from Hancock Fabric's Veteran's Day sale. I made more than 30 fabric Christmas bags. I made new wreathes. I baked a ton ton ton of cookies. I organized events for my extended family. We had two Christmas trees. I took off work one day to watch every Christmas film known to man.

This year, I knew I'd have to pare down.

We had a tree, we tried to do some activities in an advent calendar. We saw a Christmas play. I watched a Christmas movie or two.

 We made some cookies. The things I thought I'd pare back on (baking cookies, crafting) ended up getting done because I enjoy doing them.

I went to Leftovers, this shop that takes crap you want to throw out and displays it as a giant supplies shop. I bought a big bag of white and red ornaments and made a wreath out of them. I made simple cards to send to people. Chris and I cut out snowflakes.

Despite the craziness that came with launching a website, a new baby in the family and being there for people going through a difficult time in their lives, I found time for the things I love. Making gingerbread houses with the fam. Creating food and gifts. Sewing. Stuff that makes me happy. 

 We had a wonderful Christmas. You know? I think I had the same amount of fun as last year - even though I wasn't channeling Martha every waking moment.

Christmas Eve in the grinch's workshop.

Good friend Marge makes a surprise visit.

Marge made Shannon that quilt you can kind of see next to her on the couch.

My siblings were a little annoyed  on Christmas morning because Chris and I didn't get there exactly at 9 a.m. like we promised. We walked in at 9:01.

They texted me letting me know the time. You know, in case I forgot :)

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