Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

I am a big fan of thrift stores. It's so great to go in and wander the aisles, just looking for something that strikes your fancy. I've seen some of the very cool things that other crafters and sewers have done with thrift store items, and it is inspiring.

So I thought I'd pass along some ideas to you! They aren't very difficult or complicated, and I doubt any would win the "most innovative" award. But, but, sometimes it takes seeing someone else do something to get the wheels in your mind churning. It takes a little inspiration for you to see that old skirt or table cloth in a new light and think: hmmm, I wonder what I could do with this?

The item: A funky skirt. When I look for thrift store clothing, I try to focus more on the fabric then the shape of the item. I loved the colors in this skirt, but wasn't immediately sure what I wanted to do with it. Alter it for a better fit?

Ultimately, I decided this fabric reminds me of summer and might make an excellent table runner. I took it apart, cutting down the seam, and removing the waistband.


I trimmed it down, hemmed the edges and  put it on the dresser I have in my dining room to hold all of my antique china.


There you go! An easy way to take something nonfunctional (the skirt) and turn it into something to brighten up your space. I like also that if the mood strikes, I can use this fabric to make something else- a kiddie skirt, pot holders, whatever!

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