Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The bounty of August: BLT

When my mom or dad would make BLTs growing up, no one every felt like they got enough bacon. My mom would stand at the range, listing to the news as she cooked the it. She'd place the crispy slices on a paper-towel covered plate. Someone would always walk over and steal pieces of the bacon, running out of the room before she noticed.

BLTs seem like a perfect summer meal to me- featuring amazing home grown tomatoes and limited preparation time. Don't use grocery store, imported tomatoes for this. Please find some heirloom tomatoes from a farmer's market. There's a huge difference!

If you made the cobb salad yesterday, you might have leftover bacon. Put that to use by whipping up some BLTs. (Please note, I ran out of "L" for mine in the picture, but it was still delicious with the B and the T!)

Bread - toasted
Tomatoes - sliced (either get a really big one or use 3-4 slices from a small tomato per sandwich)
Bacon- go the healthier route with turkey bacon or use your favorite  bacon
Lettuce- I prefer something with some crunch.

Directions- toast bread, spread with your favorite topping like Mayo or peanut butter, layer lettuce, tomatoes and bacon, top with other bread piece.

BLTs are a key ingredient in the perfect picnic meal.

Fresh corn needs just a few moments in boiling water and the merest hint of butter and salt to be incredible.
Slice up cucumbers and throw them in a mason jar for easy portability.

There you go. A no-cook meal (technically, you could microwave the bacon). Enjoy!

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