Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How to make fancy waffles

My mom has these vivid memories of her father getting up on weekend mornings and lovingly preparing blueberry pancakes. She talked about this often, and one time recounted the story while visiting her parents in Iowa. Oddly enough, neither her siblings nor her father particularly remembers these blueberry pancakes.
So in my family a phantom memory is now known as a "blueberry pancake" memory.
On a recent morning, I found myself rolling in fruit. Chris and I picked six pints of raspberries. Then Chris went to the grocery store to pick up more canning materials for me and spotted blueberries and blackberries on sale. He bought a few boxes and we were stocked up.
I decided to use the fruit and some homemade jam to spruce up some basic waffle mix for breakfast.
Because what's better than homemade Belgium waffles?  How about blueberry waffles? Or apple cinnamon waffles?  Or raspberry waffles?
All of the above! Whip these up on a Sunday morning and you'll be the king or queen of the kitchen. You're building memories, baby!

Fancy waffles:
1. Prepare your basic waffle recipe based on directions on the box.
2. Add in some fancy ingredients: 1/2 cup blue berries, or a 1/3 cup apple butter or 1/3 cup homemade raspberry jam.
3. Mix.
4. Spoon into your waffle maker. Be sure not to overfill*, or else your waffles will come out funky. *I buried those messed up ones at the bottom of the stack. Don't worry they still taste good!
5. Serve fruit on the side. Or serve syrup on top!

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  1. What a cute family story! I really love your blog, Kalen. I think it's great that you started it; you have a lot of wonderful stories to share. And I feel so honored that you took the time to read my posts. Thanks for inspiring me, too.


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