Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pop Tarts

I have learned to cook largely through trial and error, watching my mother, and experimenting with recipes. I've worked my way from a twist on the classic PBJ (the peanut butter and honey) through various pies (double crust rhubarb) to curries.
But in the past few months I've made a series of discoveries that have rocked my food world.
You can make things like granola, marshmallows, and yogurt at home, from scratch. I was struck by the simplicity of the recipes- and the degree of control you have in making it yourself.You don't need preservatives or weird, unpronounceable ingredients. Just simple things like flour, sugar, milk. It was a revelation.
And then I came across the ultimate discovery. A recipe for homemade Pop Tarts.
Seriously? Pop Tarts? Amazing. Flakey, buttery, delicious.


I made two kinds. Cinnamon sugar and strawberry. Chris and I enjoyed the strawberry the best. I didn't try it with frosting, but I feel like it would be an excellent addition. It was actually pretty easy and quick. It would make a nice Father's Day treat!

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