Saturday, June 5, 2010

What to do with beets and lavender?

This week our CSA share, which comes from Winslow's Home, had a few things that will challenge my taste buds and some that I'm pretty excited to use. It's always a challenge to use everything up before Thursday rolls around.
  • Lavender: Last week we got our first small bunch of lavender, which I used to make lavender potatos. This week, we got a much bigger portion. I think I'll dry it and then decide where to go from there. I feel like lavendar lemonade could be good... or may lavendar linen spray?

  • Radishes, which I've come to appreciate more than when I've had them randomly sliced in salads.
  • Onions - really excited about these.
  • Strawberries- which were so ripe, I froze them as soon as I got home and before I could snap a picture.
  • And beets. These have me perplexed. Thus far in life my experiences with beets have not been good. I'm a little unsure about which way to go with these.

I mean, they're pretty. But ... it's a beet. ... ew.
Here are a few ideas I might try:

And what do these have in common? I'm clearly trying to disguise the taste of the beet with sugar, flour and chocolate. Does anyone have a beet recipe that brings out the best in beets... or maybe makes them taste unbeetlike?

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