Thursday, July 1, 2010


I spent about five days on the gulf coast earlier this month with my family. We drove down to Panama City Beach and rented a house about a block from the beach and just three miles from my aunt and uncle's house. It was the first family trip we've taken in several years and it was so nice to get away!

Everyone arrived by Saturday night and we all walked down to the beach. There were lots of funky beach houses.

The sun was setting. It was so peaceful. We were on the look out for evidence of the oil, but didn't see anything. That first night we did see several people walking with small orange flags, ready to mark any tar balls.

Shannon made everyone drinks, including the Panama City Beach Mojito.

We spent plenty of time lounging on the beach and playing in the water.

We also made time for lots of reading, watching movies and playing charades.

Shannon bought this game called "Banana Grams." It's sooo much fun. I bet we played 50 games during the week.

One morning we drove to Seaside, this little planned community where they filmed the movie "The Truman Show."

We ate oysters!

On the way out, we drove past a really cool mansion.

Overall it was a great time! So relaxing. I can't wait to go again.

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